Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nice...where everything is nice

July 27

We sadly said au revoir to Paris this morning and headed to the train station to catch a high speed train to Nice. (Note: This is Jenny and I’s first time to ever be on a train! Exciting!) I think this train goes somewhere around 200 kilometers/hr. We had to wait for an hour before we could board the train, so we used this time to buy baguette sandwiches to take onto the train for lunch. We then hauled all of our luggage up to the second level of the train—this was interesting considering there’s 37 of us—and found our seats. Once again Jenny and I scored a seat with a table, but this time we were facing backwards. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go for me…but I didn’t get sick surprisingly. I think Jenny started feeling a little queasy after using the computer for a little while…but luckily our new friend Amanda switched spots with her. We all slept for the first couple of hours on the train. Our TG had told us to try and be awake for the last couple of hours of the ride to see some great scenery…and he was right. Beautiful French coastlines with crystal blue water.

Once we arrived in Nice, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and did a quick change of clothes before leaving on the optional excursion to Eze & Monacco. The stop in Eze included a visit to a perfume factory where they explained to us how the famous French perfumes are made. We were then allowed to sample and smell a handful of scents…all smelled delicious. I don’t want to ruin any surprises here…so let’s just say that Jenny and I did not leave empty handed (I know that shocks everyone). So then we loaded back onto the bus and headed a couple of miles up the road to Monacco. The only way I can think to describe this place is a paradise for the extremely wealthy. It’s famous casino, the Monte Carlo, sits atop a hill overlooking all of the pristine buildings and numerous yachts. Our mouths were hanging slightly open over all of the luxury cars that kept passing us…Ferrari, Lambroghini, etc. Don’t worry…we were on the lookout for potential sugar daddies (ok just me…don’t worry Chris). In the historic part of Monacco, we went into the church where Grace Kelly was buried. Turns out she was married to a prince from Monacco. We also got to walk around and take pictures of the palace where the current royal family lives. Overall, this was a fun excursion—we just didn’t have nearly enough time there.

Once back in Nice, we went to “Old Nice” to get dinner. This is the historic district that is full of restaurants, bars, souvenier shops, etc. I wasn’t very adventurous (spaghetti carbonara) but Jenny ordered a pizza that had both tuna and a fried egg on top. It was surprisingly good. After dinner we headed back to the hotel Busby and hit the sack! Beachin’ it tomorrow!